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Under the Supervision of London Board for Shechita

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Our History


The Originator of the Silverman Kosher Butchery business was Solly Silverman. He first started his business in Ben Johnson Road, Stepney. E.1. in the year 1931. His mother Rebecca had previously run her own poultry business in London’s East End, where Solly helped her and became a connoisseur in the art of poultry buying. He became the main breadwinner in his large family. On leaving school at the age of fourteen, he worked for a number of years learning the trade, until venturing out on his own.


Solly’s business thrived in Ben Johnson Road until the start of the Second World War, when his business was destroyed early on in the blitz. He restarted after the war back in Stepney Way in 1944, and then to Mile End Road., where his business once again thrived. Solly was a very well respected figure in the industry with his knowledge of every aspect in his field.


His eldest son Ivor on leaving school started working for him in 1956 where he learned the finer art of butchery. Ivor worked in the family business until 1971, when he left his fathers’ business to branch out on his own at 4 Canons Corner, London Road, Stanmore. Ivor Silverman Kosher Butcher, quickly became the leader in the kosher meat industry.


He eventually branched out into Uxbridge Road, Hatch End and  later Watling Street, Radlett, furthering his customer base and influence, never encroaching on his fellow kosher butchers trading areas.


Ivor Silverman became a household name for value, renowned quality, and variety, and remains so until today.


The Business is now in the safe hands of Stephen Grossman of Lewco-pak Ltd, whose family have set the highest standards for Kashrut and Quality in the poultry industry for over 100 years.

‘Silvermans Kosher Butchers’ as the modern business is now known, guarantees to give the kosher buying public a fair deal whilst complying to the highest standards in Kashrut, Quality and Hygiene.