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Under the Supervision of London Board for Shechita

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Our Poultry Menu


Whole Roaster          

Whole Roaster Cut in 4

Whole Roaster Cut in 8

Chicken Breasts        

Chicken Legs            

Chicken Fillets (boneless and skinless chicken breasts)

Chicken Thighs (oyster cut)                    

Chicken Drumsticks                

Chicken Wings                    

Chicken Supreme                

Chicken Thigh Fillets (boneless and skinless)

Chicken Schnitzels

Chicken Mince

Chicken Kebabs *              

Chicken Grillsticks *

Chicken Stir Fry

Chicken Liver                  


Boiling Chicken Whole          

Boiling Chicken Half          

Chicken Carcass                

Chicken Giblets                

Chicken Fat                    



Whole Turkey                

Turkey Crown                

Turkey Schnitzel          

Turkey Schnitzel in Breadcrumbs / Matzo Meal  

Turkey Breast Roasting Joint - boneless

Turkey Leg Roasting Joint - boneless

Turkey Stir Fry                

Turkey Mince                  

Turkey Drumstick              

Turkey Wing  

Turkey Neck                                    



Poussin (Baby Spring Chicken)


Whole Duck                  

Duck Breast                

Duck Leg  





*flavoured with a choice of Honey, BBQ, Chinese or Garden Mint

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